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Certified Crane Inspectors by IAICB have the ability to establish the level of compliance with the conditions of the Lifting Equipment and Accessories, versus the international regulations that apply for each case, and particularly under the ASME Series B30 standard.

Overall Objective:

Qualify and train the inspectors of load lifting accessories, in the identification of deviations and contraventions in the discarding criteria expressed in the standards.

Addressed to: Personnel oriented to the inspection of cargo lifting accessories.


Techniques: Identifies the conditions and condition of the lifting accessories and their components in order to determine their reliability.

Generic: Recognizes the responsibility of evaluating the operating conditions of the lifting accessories and their influence on the prevention of undesired events.

Requirements for this Course

Course Study Units:

Unit 1: Slings and Other Lifting Accessories
  • Wire Rope  
  • Slings
  • Hooks
  • Shackles
  • Other Accessories
Unit 2: Lifting Accessories Inspection
  • Wire Rope Inspection
  • Slings Inspection
  • Hooks Inspection
  • Shackles Inspection

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